The Daily Hotness: Dr. Light!

Reader TheToiletDuck demanded I post video of craineum and his kids going trick or treating. So yes, here it is! So cute!

The latest episode of BritToid is no available, we checked out NASCAR The Game: 2011, Jim reviewed Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Sony let slip Mass Effect 3 and more happened on 11/22/10.

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Review: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
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Dolph Lundgren confirms his role in Dungeon Siege sequel
Use a swastika in Black Ops, get banned from Xbox Live
New DSi colors this Black Friday: Green and Orange
Sony Ericsson almost kinda confirms PlayStation Phone
Rumor: Uncharted 3 to be announced at VGA awards
Sega is planning a life-sized Virtual On…poster
Sony ‘reveals’ Mass Effect 3, hides evidence
UK Charts: Black Ops on top … as if it wouldn’t be
Mario and friends appear in new Taiko Drum Master game
Cameo, Tag Team, and Black Eyed Peas join Dance Central
PlayStation Network having a neat fall sale
Rumor: EA working on NFL Blitz title
Halo Wars site closing, leaderboards getting killed
Free App of the Day: Hedgehog Launch
Super Meat Boy gets 20 free Gish levels
Lara Croft: GoL on PlayStation 3 gets online co-op
Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena coming to PSN
Pokemon Black/White starters now have English names
More details on Fallout: New Vegas’ Dead Money add-on
Hasbro Family Game Night line-up half price this week

Gran Turismo 5 kart race won driving in reverse

Story of The Last Story now subtitled in English
Ninja Theory devs talk Enslaved: Pigsy’s Perfect Ten DLC
And here is your Kinect lightsaber demonstration
Nintendo DLC: WiiWare demos, Tetris Party, Spin Master
Spoiler: Splatterhouse has some blood in it
Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll gets a dramatic trailer
Homefront dev diary paints a grim picture

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