The Daily Hotness: DINOSAURS?!


Get a ten minute taste of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex, Nick shows off his amazing gamer skills in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Rev rants about Modern Warfare 2, EA not happy with the Wii, the SF IV blanket is fugly and more happened on 11/11/09.

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Could Ubisoft ressurrect Shadowbane as a non-MMO?
Project Natal: November 2010, 14 launch games, under £50
Um, okay: PS3 Slim dipped in 24kt gold
Composer says he’s working on Bully 2
What Uncharted 2 playlists do you want? Tell Naughty Dog
Pre-order Dante’s Inferno, get figure from fires of hell
Medal of Honor: Modern Combat seems inevitable
Sega won’t release Aliens vs. Predator in Germany
Ghosts ‘N Goblins only $2.99, not actually impossible
EA frustrated over a ‘weak’ Wii
Hotel bans games for Christmas in the name of families
Kid pirates Xbox 360 games, gets banned, tells BBC
Sorry, FFXIV ‘campaign code’ not a beta key after all
Could PlayStation 3 be getting integrated Facebook?
Modern Warfare 2 is barbaric and awful, says columnist
You can decide the fate of Modern Warfare 2’s DLC (maybe)
The Bible is coming to Xbox 360 … seriously
These Brutal Legend shirts are f**king metal
PS3 allegedly can’t handle Modern Warfare 2 (update)
Big surprise: Modern Warfare 2 already hacked
Darkstalkers comes back in comic form
Valve is obsessed with your thumb
SouthPeak to publish TNA wrestling titles in 2010
Dtoider wins Atlus Halloween contest
Funcom is practically giving Age of Conan away
Huh? Deadly Premonition will be $20 at launch? SOLD!
A closer look at the Street Fighter IV WTF blanket
TorchED released: Go poke around until something breaks
Finalists for 2BeeGames’ Indie Game Competition revealed
Ubisoft: REAL men kill with blades, get $5 off on Amazon

Get ready to gush over these adorable TF2 costumes

Yes, Pizza Delivery Boy is coming to the Wii
Tropico 3 will feature user-generated content on Xbox 360
Bioware talks ‘sword porn’ in latest Origins dev video

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