The Daily Hotness: Death from above

Getting to be the gunner of an AC130 as a perk in Modern Warfare 2 is such overkill. Yet it’s going to be so awesome too. Check out the first amazing look at multplayer if you haven’t seen it yet!

‘Splosion Man brings back the lost art of idle animation, we got a couple of sweet King of Fighter figures, Jim reviewed Madballs, win $100 for having an opinion and plenty more happened on 07/27/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid 108: minus Jim, plus someone who isn’t Jim
New releases: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, KoF XII and more
‘Splosion Man and the lost art of the idle animation
Terry Bogard statue is neat, but its hat fails
Monday Mind Teasers: Crimson Room
Leona statue doesn’t have a hat


Community blogs of 07/27/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Forum Discusses: Achievements

Madballs in Babo Invasion

Win a $100 American Express gift card for having an opinion

San Diego Comic-Con 09:
Left 4 Dead Tank vs. Batman

ECA wants you to inform the President about gaming
UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort casually becomes number one
Dead Space film in the works, had better be gory
Bethesda man: Only a few publishers could afford Bungie
Nintendo DLC: Monkey Island, Three Musketeers, more Sudoku
Resident Evil 5 PC system requirements? Yep, we got ’em
DJ Jazzy Jeff gets fresh with DJ Hero
Soundtracks for Madden, NBA Live, NHL, and FIFA announced
Far Cry 2’s ‘Fortunes Pack’ DLC is half price this week
Splinter Cell Conviction, Red Steel 2 pushed to 2010
Team 17 calls Microsoft bribe accusations ‘bollocks’
Resident Evil 4 on App Store now for $7.99
Fat Princess is FINALLY out this week!
Ubisoft blames DS piracy for 50% sales drop
Madden NFL 10 developers drop knowledge on whiny receiver
Top Cow confirms sequel to The Darkness game is in the works
Obama in brief videogame reference SHOCKER!

DO WANT these Koei Visa Cards: Someone get them for me
Here’s the second animated short inspired by Modern Warfare


Famitsu brings us ten new Final Fantasy XIII screens
Get to know Red Steel 2’s cowboy protagonist guy/thing
New gameplay trailer for Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
Good at DJ Hero? DJ Jazzy Jeff says to buy a real turntable
Blood Bowl: Meet the Goblins
First Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage is delicious
First video, images of NBA Live 10
Marvel Vs Capcom 2: Spidey Vs Strider media explodyboom
Forza Motorsport 3’s swanky Collector’s Edition detailed
Sackboy gets the inFamous treatment on August 6

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