The Daily Hotness: Dead tired

Everyone is bushed after a weekend of partying. I wish I was bushed after a weekend of partying. Somebody better send me some swag, or else I’m going to throw the mother of all hissy fits.

Our extended PAX coverage begins with a look at some cool indie games like Retro/Grade, Retro City Rampage, SpyParty, and more. Jordan is confident that Donkey Kong Country Returns will be a solid successor, and Nick blows his load over Enslaved‘s opening minutes. Expect more PAX stories all week!

Community blogs of 09/06/10

PAX Prime 10:
PAX 10: Day 3 fatigue and favorite games of the show
PAX 10: Retro/Grade hands-on interview of madness
PAX 10: Retro City Rampage hands-on interview of glory
PAX 10: James Silva of Ska Studios on Dishwasher 2
PAX 10: Donkey Kong Country Returns is on the right track
PAX 10: A big win for the small guys
PAX 10: Hands-off with the delightfully gruesome Swarm
PAX 10: How Bad Art Mega Man got into Mega Man Universe
PAX 10: The SpyParty experience
PAX 10: Hands-on with Slam Bolt Scrappers

Budget ninja-themed DSiWare game gets a sequel
These Ni no Kuni commercials are a big tease
See Enslaved’s full opening, ‘The Escape’

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