The Daily Hotness: CTZ has no internet edition

First off, a very happy birthday to the Sega Genesis, which turns 20 today. I love you now as I always have. Our dear Hamza is suffering from connectile dysfunction this evening, so I will be presenting your daily recap in his stead. Assisting me tonight will be the above variation of a picture that Grim posted, which was the second-weirdest thing I’ve seen all day.

Valve had a yard sale, Rey got some de-bro-dorant, someone took my Sega poll joke way too seriously, Ashley dished out some more Saturday morning memories, and plenty of other neat things happened. Relax and have a beer, 8/14/09, ya did good.

Gen Con coverage:
Dante’s Inferno demo walkthrough and impressions
BioWare’s Gaider: story is important, but not that important
Duels of the Planeswalkers pulling people into paper Magic
Cryptic still negotiating Champions Online release with MS
Dragon Age writer explains ESRB brothel listing
A look at the Dragon Age: Origins booth at Gen Con
A look at the Dante’s Inferno Booth at Gen Con
Check out the cosplayers of Gen Con

Destructoid Originals:
Fanboy Friday: Official Fanboys
From the Console to the TV Station: Part 5
What the armor says: Section 8
Recap: ‘What the armor says’ plus bonus concept art

Friday Night Fights: Community shenanigans edition
Community blogs of 8/14/09
Forum of the Day: Dtoid Cards!
Also, this happened.

Preview: The Beatles: Rock Band

People won stuff on Destructoid today!
Friday Night Fights: ob-epic gets the MAINGEAR Prelude!

Take a look at this year’s PAX show floor

Here’s to twenty more years, Sega Genesis!
Pokemon SoulSilver, HeartGold coming Spring 2010
Ninja Gaiden and Rygar arcade games rated by ESRB for VC
Ubisoft dev tells the story of quitting with a game
Sega taking votes on next Genesis game for XBLA
Valve announces Half-Life yard sale: 66% off!
Go down, Moses: for the love of God, play Tower of Heaven
Valve still not interested in the PS3
Commander’s Challenge for PSN, XBLA a bargain at $10
Rumor: White and Pink DSi coming stateside
PlayStation World Magazine bites the dust
APB beta applications now being accepted
BlazBlue confirmed for Europe, fans to design box art
Rock Band DLC: Blind Melon, Blur, more Foo Fighters
Wii Sports Resort will not be packed with the Wii
Tim Schafer on creativity: ‘Stupid ideas are often the best’
id Software says Doom 4 is coming next year! Maybe!
PSPgo games as cheap as iPhone apps? It could be
Free ‘Activision Music’ pack available now for Guitar Hero
Lost Planet 2 co-op demo hits Xbox LIVE next week
RC car racing coming to PSN next week with Smash Cars
New game for an old console: Zaku coming to the Atari Lynx
Atticus-branded clothing coming to CrimeCraft

Paper route: ddi714d’s moveable papercraft machines
SCEA might want to spy on your emotions while you game
Grenade controller could make you look like a total badass
Buy Madden at Wal-Mart, get free deodorant

Red Steel 2 teaser isn’t worth the time it took to download
Four new DJ Hero videos for your amusement and my confusion
Blood Bowl: Meet the Dwarves
Miss Marvel digs tight leather
Serious Sam HD looks like a bloody good time
Get a peek at the gadgets of Arkham Asylum
Wolfenstein is almost here, celebrate with a trailer

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