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The Daily Hotness: Crustacean invasion

2012-08-03 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Darren Nakamura@Dexter345

At first, I thought, "Oh, it's an ugly aquarium simulator with some slightly wonky collision detection." And then the trailer takes a turn for the unexpected, to say the least. Expect a review of Neo Aquarium soon.

Otherwise on this fine Friday, Jim let us know why Gaymercon is neither silly nor unnecessary, Holly warned us about Anna, and we previewed a lot of things ending in the number three.

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The importance of a gay gamer convention
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The DTOID Show: Zynga, Dishonored, and QuakeCon 2012!

Community blogs of 8/3
Forum thread of the day: The Board Game thread

Review: Anna

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Minecon is happening at Disneyland Paris this year
QuakeCon Preview: Dishonored is still amazing. Who knew?
QuakeCon Preview: Murdering the homeless in Hotline Miami 

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Final Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content detailed
Square Enix wants to support Dragon Quest X for ten years
Madden 13 Wii U to be launch title, won't have physics
EA suing Zynga over copyright infringement
Dishonored's voice cast includes Susan Sarandon and more
Suggest a name for the Abe's Oddysee HD remake!
Dawnguard on PS3 will be ready when it's ready
Weekend PC download deals: QuakeCon, TopWare, 2K
Next week's Rock Band DLC wants to die in your arms

Here's a 600 multiplayer game of Just Cause 2
Skyrim feels the wrath of Conan O'Brien and Mr. Buttons
Mega64: Game consoles, then and now
Call of Duty Supremacy Nations = Kickstarter of the year
VGdrum goes cyberpunk with a Shadowrun cover
CLOP is like QWOP, but with a unicorn

Can you believe Real Racing 3 is an iPad game?
Two girls, one Kickstarter: Project Giana Sisters
ngmoco announces a new Transformers mobile game
Oh yeah, you're also a cop in Sleeping Dogs
Finally, a Pokemon-like game for mobile devices
Kick some arthropod ass in bizarre PC indie Neo Aquarium
Horn gets its first trailer, RAWR LET'S HATE IT RAWR! 
FIFA 13 iOS will have competitive online multiplayer  
Latest Darksiders II trailer is all emotional and stuff 
Need for Speed World rolls out new drag race mode 


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