The Daily Hotness: Crittertoid

Mr. Destructoid infects all your videogames. Especially videogames involving magical rainbow barfs of joy and happy. 

Ashley Davis’ Once Upon a Pixel series has started, the Silent Hill maze looks pretty spooky, a Bayonetta demo is coming October 8, Gabe Newell is heading to Australia and more barf happened on 10/01/09.

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Community blogs of 10/01/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid spoofs Windows 7

MX vs ATV Reflex

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition hitting XBLA next spring
New Wii update may be bricking innocent consoles
More about Mass Effect 2’s brazen Subject Zero
Bayonetta demo coming October 8 (and I’ll come too)
Assassin’s Creed PSP and AC 2 can share more than weapons
Splinter Cell: Conviction CE comes with cute Sam Fisher figure
PSP Minis service launches, prices are atrocious
Okay, so OMG ‘Mr. Roboto’ is playable in Band Hero
Kojima hoping to improve MGS: Peace Walker controls
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver sells 2 million already
Noooo! Pangya art director SeeD dies of illness
Are you a bad enough dude for Data East Arcade Classics?
Australian ratings turn ‘middle class into criminals’
Purchase Gran Turismo PSP on PSN and get a free car
New Hot Shots game is trash…promoted
Gabe Newell is headed to Australia
Dying to play The Incredible Machine? GOG has your back
N+ handheld multiplayer servers no longer exist
Plants Vs. Zombies guest star in the NYC Halloween Parade
Bethesda says ‘thanks’ to Fallout 3 fans with LIVE theme
So, how do summons work in Final Fantasy XIII?
Sony: PS3 disc-drive errors not our fault
D3 Publisher gets down with the PSPgo launch discounts
APB still exists, beta going live next week
PSN banning lawsuit thrown out
Red Faction: Guerrilla ‘Smasher Pack’ DLC available

Dude, relive the 90s with these rad game ads
Okami Vans will make your jaw drop
Brutal Legend action figure is totally metal
Master Chief leads a funeral for a friend


Denerim and blood: the latest Dragon Age: Origins trailer
Tell me: Are you a bad enough dude to chicky chicky down?
New Project Diva title is in the works
TGS Final Fantasy XIII trailer gets some English subs
Thexder Neo launches for PSP, has a trailer and screens
Gamers swoon, Kristin Bell returns in Assassin’s Creed II
SSFIV: New trailer and character chat with Ono in Famitsu
Watch the Brutal Legend Dem-o-thon live now!
Because we really need more 3D Dot Game Heroes Screens
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath & Beyond officially announced

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