The Daily Hotness: Crash Course

Jim Sterling brought us an exclusive preview of the new campaign mode in Left 4 Dead today. The original L4D, not the sequel! The mode sounds pretty awesome and you can read all about it over here.

Nick Chester is obsessed with Tetris, Dale talked to Namco about all sorts of iPhone products, we checked out The Warriors at Comic-Con, Topher reviewed Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, Madden Arcade is on the way and plenty of more awesome happened on 08/04/09.

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Community blogs of 08/04/09
Forum of the day: How far is TOO far (Game Prices)

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
Fat Princess

Exclusive preview: Left 4 Dead ‘Crash Course’ campaign

Win another $100 gift card from Asus, discuss pancakes

Assassin’s Creed 2 Collector’s Edition unveiled, not priced
Sony removes intrusive WipEout HD advert
This is Vegas is not dead, still in production
Braid creator’s new game is The Witness
Final Fantasy XIV won’t have experience points
Rape games become Platinum games for one Japanese company
Obsidian: Not having sex in RPGs does genre ‘an injustice’
Cryptic offering lifetime Champions Online subscriptions
Konami ESRB tease: Shadow of Destiny, Contra Rebirth
Obsidian: Story is important, but not that important
Left 4 Dead ‘Crash Course’ announced as new campaign
Eliza Dushku: Games almost cool and acceptable for grown ups
Game critic wants ten-day ban on videogames for schoolkids
Aliens vs. Predator mostly coming February 2010 … mostly
Take a look at Gran Turismo PSP’s colorful pre-order bonuses
Red Faction: Guerrilla patch on the horizon
EA announces downloadable Madden Arcade for holiday 2009
Gackt getting sexy body involved with Samurai Warriors 3
Too much gaming time may raise kids’ blood pressure
Namco looks to their RPGs for iPhone release
Ex-Midway Newcastle artist spills on studio’s last weeks
WarDevil is not canceled for Xbox 360! Everyone REJOICE!
The Wheel of Time series gets a story director

The Mario and Princess Peach sex tape
BioShock fan customizes vinyl figure into Big Daddy


New project by Knytt creator being published by Nicalis
Breaking: Sands of Destruction is an RPG
Bethesda to publish Wii-racer Wheelspin
First-person WiiWare fantasy fighter: Rage of the Gladiator
Taylor Swift confirmed for Band Hero, watch mo-cap session
Lost Balance: Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for Wii
iPhone app for Call of Duty: World at War launched
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 coming to PAL territories Oct 9
Watch what happens when Army of Two’s dudes visit EA HQ
Eyes crossed: Japanese vid for NIS, Gust’s Trinity Universe

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