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The Daily Hotness: Corgi German Shepherd

2012-04-03 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Steven Hansen@poverotti

This is the best thing. As the owner of a German Shepherd (a mix, with floppy ears and shorter legs), and someone who would like to have a corgi one day, I am flabbergasted at how amazing this dog is. For 24 other less wonderful corgi mixes, click.

Today, user Wrenchfarm discussed his disappointment with LA Noire, Tony Ponce interviewed Regular Show's J.G. Quintel, Team Fortress 2sdays tested out its new sugar daddy, reviews went up, including one for Closure, the hip, black and white indie platformer of the hour, and more!

Destructoid Original:

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Podtoid records today, get your questions in
Oooooohh! Regular Show's J. G. Quintel and I talk games
Team Fortress 2sdays: Changing of the Guard
Live show: Kinect Star Wars on Mash Tactics
DTOID Extra: Max Payne 3 multiplayer interview

Community blogs of 4/3
Forum thread of the day: Let's Play: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.
Disappointment: A Postmortem of L.A. Noire

Review: Ridge Racer Unbounded
Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
Review: Closure
Review: Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition

PS Vita firmware 1.65 pulled for being broken
Rumor: Wii U 'not as powerful' as Xbox 360, PS3
Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC Pack 1 now available
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier drops June 12
Amazon Instant Video comes to the PlayStation 3
Irrational wants to put your face in BioShock Infinite
Lone Survivor's OST now available for purchase
Secret World is now accepting your pre-orders
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet headed to PC on April 17
Capcom bringing Steel Battalion Heavy Armor to PAX East
Harmonix reveals Rock Band Blitz for PSN, XBLA
UK teachers protecting the young with ignorance
Kid Icarus: Uprising soundtrack hits Club Nintendo Japan
Indie Fund shows support for Antichamber


College Humor does Doctor Who


Risen 2: Dark Waters is looking cheery in new screenshots

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