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The Daily Hotness: Coop Native Amber

2012-09-06 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Daniel Starkey@dcstarkey

It's been awhile, folks, but now I'm back with more beer reviews along with your daily recap.

Today's beer comes from home state of Oklahoma. I picked it up around New Year's Day, and just never got around to trying it. I was a bit worried because it came in a can, was several months old and had been jostled around quite a bit in the past few months.

Thankfully, my fears were quickly put to rest. The Native Amber had a great pour that filled my room with a light scent of hops. The head was a lighter brown that faded quickly.

The richness of the thing is staggering. There's a light, creamy texture that gives the hoppy bitterness a thick, full body while keeping with the natural mildness of the style.


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