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The Daily Hotness: Cookie Clicker

2013-09-19 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Darren Nakamura@Dexter345

Check out everything Destructoid did today

I had heard brief mentions of the game, but it wasn't until Chris wrote up a little piece on it today that I finally tried out Cookie Clicker. I sort of wish I had stayed away, because while my fictional cookie productivity is enormous, my real life productivity really suffered today.

On Destructoid, Jamie brought us another Challenge Scot, the Podtoid crew released a new episode as they are wont to do on Thursdays, Jordan dragged a ball and chain around in The Daily Spelunk, Dale covered a ton of Tokyo Game Show stuff, and so much more happened on this fine day.

Destructoid Original: 
A Chernarus Sing Along in DayZ - Challenge Scot!
Podtoid 270: Cookie, Suds Me Up With Soap And Foam!
LIVE SHOW RIGHT NOW: Jim, Spencer, Steve, Conrad & Jordan
Live show: Cards Against Humanity
That old ball and chain - The Daily Spelunk

Community blogs of 9/19
Forum thread of the day: Are you gonna finish that?: Oldest games in your backlog

Contest: Win Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 or Vita!

Preview: Falling right into Pokemon X & Y

Tokyo Game Show: 
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle comes West
TGS brings us a kind of new Final Fantasy XV trailer
Watch the Sony booth attendant bow wave from TGS
So Gravity Rush 2 is a thing? New trailer!
Tap happy with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z gets Naruto costume
Giving the PS Vita TV the full rundown
The booth mascots of Tokyo Game Show 2013
Ooooh: Phantasy Star Nova looks pretty
Sony confirms PlayStation 4 recording via HDMI
PS3 library will come to the PS4 via Gaikai in 2014
I can't stop watching this Deep Down trailer

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Nintendo gaming pioneer Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85
The Monster Hunter deficiency is kicking the Vita's butt
Disney Infinity releases iOS Toy Box app
Nintendo Download: Wind Waker HD
Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day hits PS3 in Japanuary
New version of Uplay features Twitch integration
State of Decay PC hits Steam Early Access tomorrow
New studio formed by Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja devs
Don't download this GTA V app on the Android store
Sony details PS3-to-PS4 game upgrade process
Tecmo Koei announces Deception IV localization
Atlus 'extremely happy' to join forces with Sega
One of Dead Rising 3's super weapons will get you naked
Let's talk about Race the Sun and Steam Greenlight
Atelier Escha & Logy coming West in early 2014
Go click some cookies today in Cookie Clicker

Don't use Grand Theft Auto V to learn Spanish
It's the Super Miyamoto Show!

Valhalla Knights 3 arrives this October for PS Vita
I can't wait for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
Pokemon X & Y 3DS XLs look great in person
I may be the only one who is excited for Crimson Dragon
Try, try again: This Dark Souls II trailer is accurate
Capcom announces RPG Blade Fantasia for Japan
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter looks spectacular
Cities of Tomorrow is your first big Sim City expansion
Tales of Xillia 2 trailer flashes English voicework


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