The Daily Hotness: Communism!

This post brought to you in by the severed hand from EA, FedEx for dropping the package off at Nick’s house, the Starbucks coffee that the FedEx driver drank, the American Eagle clothing the person at EA wore while packing the box with the severed hand and Communism!

We learned seven things about Tokyo Game Show 2009, we gave you an exclusive look at Super Meat Boy, Conrad reviewed Katamari Forever and the Dead Rising 2 shirt would have been so awesome without the rules listed on the back of the thing. Seriously, who f**king designed that shirt? Your taste in fashion sucks … and more stuff happened on 09/28/09.

TGS 09:
Final Fantasy XIII trailer is hot, hot hot!
Companies missing in action this year
Next year’s show gets a tentative date
7 things I learned from Tokyo Game Show 2009

Destructoid Originals:
Monday (mutilation) Mind Teasers: Karoshi series
Lucidity is a example of how LucasArts is doing new IP
And now a severed hand: Dante’s Inferno PR gets scary
New releases: Dead Space, Ninja Gaiden 2, and more
Exclusive: The sights & sounds of Retro Super Meat Boy
The Forgotten: The King’s Field series


The Forgotten: A Storm of Romance Under the Banner of Love
Community blogs of 09/28/09
Forum of the day: Demos?

Katamari Forever

The five rules of Dead Rising 2’s ‘Terror is Reality’

Play Audition and win a netbook, iPods and more!


No pre-release demo planned for Modern Warfare 2
The Watchmen are coming to LittleBigPlanet
Colosseum dev reveals Alive & Undead for PSN
Sony still thinking of a name for the PS3 Wiimote
Super Street Fighter IV screenshots appear!
Nintendo DLC Update: Dragon Quest: Wars and Altered Beast
Forza devs reckon Xbox 360 is not maxed out yet
XBLA this week: Bust-A-Move, Military Madness, and more
Wolfmother, QOTSA rock Guitar Hero 5 DLC in October
New studio Hello Games reveals Joe Danger
Gridrunner Revolution is out now, go play the demo
Fans are making Mass Effect 2 better
Swine flu affecting judgement, Gearbox makes wild Twitter promises
L.A. Noire is still happening, coming along ‘splendidly’
Would you pay $10 for Lucidity? LucasArts hopes so
Super Street Fighter IV revealed, new fighters confirmed
Brutal Legend themed Soapbox car wins Red Bull Derby

Metal Gear Solid fan movie looks pretty good
Scribblenaut artist does Final Fantasy VI, Darkstalkers


Our first real glimpse of Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising
Can Tecmo’s NBA Unrivaled channel NBA Jam?
Ski Beatz really excited about ‘swing’ in Beaterator
Dragon Age: Origins has music, this video proves it
Leaked God of War Collection footage is annoying, bad

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