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Starting next Friday, Destructoid will be picking the best comments of the week and handing out prizes! We’re hand picking funny, clever or insightful comments. So quick random “lol videogamez” type comments don’t count. Whosoevers comment gets chosen will win some kind of random prize from us. Pretty easy contest, right? Just keep doing what you’ve always been doing and you may win something for it now!

Ashley gave us the art from Once Upon a Pixel, the new Destructoid Comic page is up, we reviewed Fight Night Round 4, Left 4 Dead 2 will be at San Diego Comic-Con, Dante’s Inferno Lust circle is full of breasts and plenty more happened on 07/10/09.

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The Punisher: No Mercy
Fight Night Round 4

Twitter Friday just happened, Kauza steals your KOF swag

Left 4 Dead 2 playable at San Diego Comic Con


Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall now available for download
Could Scribblenauts come to other platforms?
Netflix on Sony TVs, but not PS3?
Killzone 2 getting new maps and guns for multiplayer?
BioShock 2 has four developers: Arkane Studios the latest
Guitar Hero DLC ushers in Eagles of Death Metal, more
Reggie tries to make the Wii Vitality Sensor sound good
Boo! Ghostbusters content for LittleBigPlanet revealed
That’s our Eidos: Arkham Asylum review score shenanigans
PS3 Tales of Vesperia gets bikini action
Buy Dragon Age: Origins, get Mass Effect 2 bonus content?
Rock Band DLC update: The Dead Weather, Judas Priest
Halo Wars balance update hitting in a ‘few weeks’
Microsoft won’t rule out pay-to-play in 1 versus 100
Battlefield 1943 is a huge hit, servers still being added
Pre-order Wolfenstein, be totally awesome on day-one
Michael Jackson videogame in development ‘for months’
Game & Watch coming to DSiWare … haha … hahaha
MechWarrior 4 plus its expansions for free? It’s happening
Secret of Monkey: Special Edition teased as an iPhone title
Plants vs. Zombies will hit other platforms
Unbound Saga is gold, out next week, and costs $14.99
Summer of Arcade release schedule gets a last minute switch
Kawata: Resident Evil 5 could be a Wii possibility
Let me tell you a story as we look at Mini Ninjas box art

Square Enix makes lots of new toys, sells them

New Final Fantasy Gaiden gameplay video wows me
Madballs in Babo Invasion dropping next Wednesday on XBLA
New Dante’s Inferno dev diary is full of Lust
Hudson’s Calling announced for North America
Model Anja Rubik to star in Yoga for the Wii
Killzone 2 DLC confirmed as ‘Napalm & Cordite’ pack
Memento Mori: the art of trailers and a flaky release dates

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