The Daily Hotness: Cherry and mangos

No More Heroes HD in Japan gets the above images in the game. What do we get? NOTHING BECAUSE THE GAME PROBABLY WON’T EVEN COME OUT HERE RAGE!

We brought you our first couple of exclusives for Alpha Protocol, Jim reviewed 3D Dot Game Heroes, Ben took a look at Shank, the next iPhone was probably found, new Ninjatown goodness is coming to the iPhone and more happened on 04/19/10.

Destructoid Originals:
New releases: Monster Hunter Tri and some other things
Change will be a-brewing in tonight’s Podtoid
Exclusive: Meet Alpha Protocol’s Grigori and Sie


E for Effort: The Artist formerly known as Prince
Community blogs of 04/19/10
Forum of the day: I am about to play the scariest level, ever

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 iPhone
3D Dot Game Heroes

Taking a stab at Shank

Video Games Live to hold another concert during E3

Chaos Rings dungeons level up as you do
Frontier says it’s still ‘working hard’ on The Outsider
UK Charts: Sam Fisher executes the competition
Borderland’s ‘Zombie Island’ DLC 360 Deal of the Week
Platinum Games wants to make Star Fox at gunpoint
Nintendo DLC: Mega Man 4, Game & Watch, high school
Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi outed for Xbox Live Arcade
Microsoft accused of using Chinese child labor
SC Conviction publicity stunt almost causes a shooting
Slither writer/director outs another Project Natal game
Get a bandana with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
PokePark heads west? Aussie ratings says yes
After Burner, Puzzle Chronicles hit XBLA this week, not $800 a piece
Atari adds Nolan Bushnell and Tom Virden to Board
SBK X dev says Natal, Move not ideal for racers
The next iPhone discovered?
Trine now 75% off on Steam; new level DLC available
What’s that? Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3?
Ubisoft kills manuals, launches eco-friendly packaging
7-Eleven used games sales is totally happening
FarmVille to hit all sorts of mobile platofrms
Tony Hawk’s next game game is probably subtitled Shred
Batman: Arkham Asylum follow-up to feature Two-Face?

Mother finds out why son was banned from UNO until 9999
These unofficial Mega Man 3D renders are hot
Presenting the Game Boy that can play GBA games

Here are some Flip’s Twisted World screens to gawp at
Co-op mode for Blacklight: Tango Down announced
Doctor Who games get trailer
Nothing is sacred in this new Crackdown 2 trailer
New Singularity trailer reminds me that I want it… now
Ninjatown: Trees of Doom coming to iPhone/iPod Touch!
Earthworm Jim HD looks shiny in this latest footage
Realistic, shiny, sweaty dudes featured in EA Sports MMA

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