The Daily Hotness: Card Crusher!

It totally is that face. Totally.

Colette looked at some games that give us zen, Jim reviewed Left 4 Dead 2, God of War III won’t have co-op, Sledgehammer Games is born and more happened on 11/17/09.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Black Friday:
Don’t waste your time going to Toys R Us

Ode to Joy: Peggle making it to PS3 this week
Check out the new Kingdom Hearts PSP
Borderlands soundtrack hitting in December
Atlus publishing 3D Dot Game Heroes on May 11, 2010!
Rumor: Pandemic Studios to close soon
PSA: Twitter, Facebook, etc. now on Xbox 360
Nintendo DLC Update: WiiWare demo, Pokemon, Indiana Jones
Peggle Nights add-on hitting LIVE on November 18
Super Street Fighter IV’s new Replay Mode detailed
Activision says Modern Warfare 2 not banned in Russia
Twisted Metal and Heavenly Sword toys arrive just in time
More Metroid Prime? Maybe a DS/DSi game, says Nintendo
Rumor: inFAMOUS 2 will have online multiplayer
No, God of War III will not feature co-op, silly
Free (temporary) Xbox LIVE Gold for all!
Mad Catz: Microsoft won’t block our Wireless N adapter
New Mass Effect 2 cover art is not the best we’ve seen
Pre-order Lost Planet 2, get Resident Evil’s Wesker
Former Dead Space devs reveal Sledgehammer Games
The BioShock 2 cover art holds a secret (Update)
Forza 3 gets new DLC packs: Free and not so free
Rumortoid: Modern Warfare 2 has hidden multiplayer modes

Mass: We Pray brings the Church to your living room
Left 4 Dead gets an NES de-make

Level 1-1 done in Reggie!, a New Super Mario Bros. editor
Assassin’s Creed 2 launch trailer confirms AC2 launch
Monster Hunter pillow: buy 1, get 1000 nightmares free
Polar Panic skips the 80s, gets announced for XBLA, PSN

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