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The Daily Hotness: Can't beat free

2012-09-07 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Darren Nakamura@Dexter345

Super Crate Box showed up on Steam for free today. I first saw it at PAX East 2012 with a challenge to get a hundred boxes. It looked easy. My best score was eight.

Jim highlighted some of the best and the brightest of the Internet with comments about Remember Me, Abel and Casey each previewed a couple of games, and so much more happened on this fine Friday.

Destructoid Original: 
What gamers say about Capcom's Remember Me
Friday Night Fights: CUTEST. GUN. EVER!
This weekend on Dtoid TV: Offensive Combat with U4ia
The DTOID Show: Fart Cat, Remember Me & Tara's Mom

Community blogs of 9/7
Forum thread of the day: Steam Greenlight
Conventions: All in the family

Preview: Solving simple puzzles in The Cave
Preview: Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger is ... arcadey?
Preview: A quick look at Rayman Jungle Run
Preview: Strike Suit Zero and space-based mech warfare

Mutant Mudds 3DS will get those extra PC levels for free
Plants vs. Zombies iOS gets Last Stand Endless mode
Beneath A Steel Sky 2 announced as Kickstarter goal
Square Enix trademarks 'Circle of Mana' and I freak out
Bethesda says Wii U doesn't 'fit into' its plans yet
G4 plans to rebrand and end game coverage, says Variety
New Super Mario Bros. 2: Best-selling game of August
Silent Hill producer calls out fans over Book of Memories
Critter Crunch is barfing its way to Steam for PC and Mac
Machinarium is now on the EU PSN, coming to the US
Champions Online celebrating 3rd birthday with double XP
Namco: Dark Souls 'easy mode' quote was a mistranslation
Super Crate Box is free on Steam, so grab it!
Weekend PC download deals: Trine, Crysis, point-and-click

Mass Effect anime delayed
Picotto Knights hits the Japanese Vita store on 9/20
18th Gate is set to be released on DSiWare soon
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now up for digital pre-sale
Rhythm Thief is being ported to...iOS? For free?
Wonderbook: Book of Spells out November 13
Behind the scenes look at Forza Horizon
Paradox unveils launch trailer for Europa Universalis IV

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