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The first season of HAWP is almost over. The second to last episode went up this week and of course it was an episode on Metal Gear Solid. So who’s going to win in the end? Anthony or Ashly? 

Part 4 of From the Console to the TV Station is up, Jim brought us an interview on Blur, Brad reviewed Remote Masseuse, the PAX exhibitor list is up, Games for Windows LIVE 3.0 is here, the Brutal Legend lawsuit has been settled and plenty more awesome happened on 08/06/09.

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RetroforceGO! records episode 98 tonight: Super Metroid
Rev Rant: a clarification
From the Console to the TV Station: Part 4
Interview: Ben Ward on Blur
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Defending virtual rape: Not the same as condoning it


I suck at games: Fighting game edition
Community blogs of 08/06/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Forum Discusses: Games “journalism”

Remote Masseuse
Taxi Ball

Get your PS3 Call of Duty: WaW Map Pack 3 right here!
Free Xbox 360 Call of Duty: WaW Map Pack 3, also Chipotle

PAX 09:
PAX pubs: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Blizzard

Red Faction ‘Demons of the Badlands’ not available (Update)
Have delicious porn beamed directly to your PS3
Scratch: The Ultimate DJ gets new developers
Shoji Meguro listed as a Persona 5 staff member
That was fast: DSi firmware 1.4J already cracked
The Witcher Director’s Cut price slashed on Steam
Sega Japan teases new role-playing game for August 20th
id: Admit you stole Wolfenstein and we will MURDER you
Tomenasaner WiiWare game looks hilarious, Japanese
Sure, why not: Games for Windows LIVE 3.0 is here
Tecmo ponders motion control for Ninja Gaiden series
Atomic Games forced to ‘reduce the size’ of its staff
Kotick: I would raise game prices higher if I could
Revamped taking a cue from Xbox LIVE
Rocktober lives! Brutal Legend lawsuit settled
Wait a month for Arkham Asylum PC, get PhysX up in here
Pure Pwnage coming to Canadian TV
Analyst predicts Blizzard will move 12 million units in 2010
The most played Wii game in America? Super Smash Bros Brawl
Finally! Paypal can now be used to buy Microsoft Points
One screen: Alice in Wonderland game looks beautiful
Prototype on the cheap on Steam: $40
Tickets to BlizzCon 2009 sold out in eight minutes

Companion Cube with cake within is most certainly not a lie

Dust: An Elysian Tail gets new, incredibly beautiful trailer
Miyamoto helps promote Samurai Warriors 3, grins menacingly
Oh my God! Microsoft STOLE LittleBigPlanet’s music!
Huge load of Forza Motorsport 3 car porn: SuperGT, Eurosport
Final Fantasy XIV screens look like…FF XI screens

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