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The Daily Hotness: Blistering barnacles


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The funny thing about good game design is that many of the elements that work really brilliantly never actually get noticed. Today Hamish Todd took a really close look at one of the less discussed creatures in the Half-Life series: the barnacles. It's a really interesting analysis and you should totally read it.

Otherwise, another Podtoid episode came out, some kids had unexpected/awkward reactions to opening Christmas gifts, and a bit more happened today on Destructoid.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 233: Anal Siege 2 - Analectric Boogalanal
Untold riches: The brilliance of Half-Life's barnacles
Live show: Batman: Arkham Asylum with Ryuusei

Community blogs of 12/27
Forum thread of the day: Is localization from Japan to US getting better or worse?

Contest: Win a Razer Tiamat 7.1 gaming headset!

The Xbox Live daily deal is a Borderlands bonanza
Super Mario Bros. 3 is coming to the eShop! In Japan...
Nintendo Download: 12/27/12: Mega Man Edition
Diablo III Team Deathmatch shelved, will be replaced
Animal Crossing first 3DS game to pass 2M sales in Japan

Kid loses it after unwrapping Wii U Christmas morning
Tank! Tank! Tank! makes kid weep manly Christmas tears

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin drops on March 26
Aliens: Colonial Marines gets a story trailer
Soul Sacrifice is going to sound amazing
Alpha gameplay video of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
A new gameplay video surfaces for DmC's Vergil

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