The Daily Hotness: Bionic Meatspin

Destructoid brought you a bunch of exclusive concept art from Bionic Commando today. It’s pretty amazing seeing how the main character and the arm changed from concept to what we have now. I can’t wait until cybernetics get to the point it’s like in Ghost in the Shell. I’d so upgrade my body. 

Destructoid is a nominee in the Webby Awards, Joe Burling starts up his monthly analysis column, the Destructoid comic is back in action, Brad N brought you a review of Assault on Dark Athena, Scratch DJ developer is suing Activision and plenty more happened on 04/14/09. 

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End of Eternity won’t end for ten years, according to Sega
Scratch DJ developer sues Activision
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Grim Fandango action figures are to die for
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Killzone 2’s ‘Steel and Titanium’ map pack hits April 30
Two new Raskulls appear, for duck’s sake

Environments and levels, Damnation has them
X-Men Origins: Wolverine vid has Gambit on Wolverine action
Ghosbusters Rule 3 vid is really about explosions
Fight Night Round 4’s better than FNR3, this video proves it
Final Fantasy XIII being played LIVE right now, check it out

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