The Daily Hotness: Beast spider

One good reason to go to Burning Man is to see wild stuff like the robot mech above. Probably doesn’t out-weight the smell though.

Tony analyzes Metroid: Other M’s story, Maurice reviewed Mass Effect 2’s latest DLC, LoveSac is holding their second LoveSac Speedrun competition, more Resident Evil movies are in the works, Vanquish gets a limited edition, people cheat in videogames shock face and more happened on 09/14/10.

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Metroid: Other M’s story fails on so many levels
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Community blogs of 09/14/10

Mass Effect 2 ‘Lair of the Shadow Broker’

Destructoid & LoveSac team up for 2nd LoveSac Speedrun
Capcom brings Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Chicago


Catherine in ‘final tuning’ stage of development
Capcom announces Resident Evil: Damnation CG film
Study finds players of shooters have faster reactions
Hustle Kings receiving PS Move and 3D support
Invizimals getting a PSP bundle, like all other PSP games
Tekken live-action movie coming to DVD in US
Halo: Reach cheaters already being dickheads
NBA 2K11 demo hits Xbox 360, PS3 today
Valve introduces the Steam Wallet
Rock Guitar Hero: Metallica tracks in Warriors of Rock
Poll: 72% of adults support violent game restrictions
Trials HD breaks past 1 million sales
How pre-owned games could become illegal in US
Vanquish limited edition revealed
Freebie alert: Halo: Reach Xbox 360 theme
Valkyria Chronicles 3 showing at TGS this year
Rumor: Sony patenting a backwards-compatibility device?
New Devil May Cry announcement imminent?
An update on cheating in StarCraft II
There’s no stopping the Resident Evil movies, apparently
You ought to read Left 4 Dead’s ‘The Sacrifice’ comic
Here’s the season two cast of The Tester

Gossip Girl cast playing Rock Band 3 while you’re not
So cute: Spelunky Man and Meat Boy made out of clay


New Enslaved trailer talks about symbiosis
Warriors of Rock expands Wii/DS connectivity
Ezio runs, jumps and kills fools to a track by Unkle
Birth of Lost in Shadow isn’t as messy as actual birth
Live action Pokemon is a thing that is happening
Ace Combat Assault Horizon isn’t Ace Combat 7, says video

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