The Daily Hotness: At the Microsoft store

Conrad Zimmerman got to check out the new Microsoft retail store and brought us a look at what to expect from the place. Really like that they do on-demand software printing and on-site Xbox 360 repairs.

Ben checked out Avatar, we talked to the team behind The Crystal Bearers, check out craineum’s Halloween project, our meetup section has been overhauled and you can win a PC just for checking it out, Nick reviewed the new Ratchet & Clank and more happened on 10/22/09.

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Nothing is sacred: Kill the controller
BabaGeek: Halloween 2009 Custom Yoshi Mascot and Baby Mario Costumes Finished
Community blogs of 10/22/09
Forum of the day: Halloween Gaming!

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Overgrown smurfs: James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

Try Dtoid’s new gaming meetup thing, win 1 of 3 sick PCs
Winner of the sweet shades from Gunnar Optiks

A Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth screen (and friends)
Valve loses appeal against Left 4 Dead 2 Aussie ban
Borderlands Siren skill not working, Gearbox knows
Final Fantasy XIII won’t include forced installs on PS3!
Muramasa outsells Spyborgs and Dead Space: Extraction
Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3? ‘There is always hope’
Dragon Rising DLC and patch may hit together
THQ snaps up new FPS, Metro 2033
Get comfy: Assassin’s Creed II has 3 hours of cutscenes
MGS: Peace Walker on PSP so children can play it
Lionhead plans to support Natal in Fable III
Six Days in Fallujah not dead yet!
Australia wants to rate iPhone games
Bayonetta creator’s dream game: After Burner Climax?
Journeys hits, offers unlockable Dragon Age Origins items
Best Buy deal: Buy 2 games, get one free
New Taiko cameos: YMCK, Dragon Quest, Idolmaster
R.U.S.E. getting it on with Windows 7 and multitouch
Konami announces Shadow of Destiny for PSP
Modern Warfare 2 PC specs: 3 GHz, 16 GB install? (Update)
Analyst: ‘Xbox 360 consumers are not begging for Blu-ray’

This Gears of War Snuggie looks warm
Karaoke bar gets a Rune Factory food menu


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Tighten up those graphics: DiRT 2’s shiny new look for PC
First look at Metro 33 reveals monster, broken things
Army of Two: The 40th Day’s Extraction mode revealed
Pet Sematary becomes an iPhone game, hilarity ensues
Could The Red Star be coming to XBLA and PSN?

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