The Daily Hotness: Asura’s Wrath

A ton of new games were announced during all through the day today and the one I’m looking forward to the most is Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath. It’s looks f*cking insane!

Suda51 announced a couple of new titles, I checked out Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Tomopop has more of the demented Woody poses, Ninja Gaiden 3 was announced, Devil May Cry is getting a reboot and plenty more happened on 09/15/10.

Destructoid Originals:
TGS: We’re here!
Randomness at Dtoid HQ: Please turn down the videogames
Character Studies: Remakes Vs. Reinventions
Nab some discounted Destructoid shirts on Split Reason

What Toys Are Up To: Woody is the original bed intruder


More than just noise: It makes me happy
Community blogs of 09/15/10

Hands-on: Kirby’s Epic Yarn is just pure fun
Civ V multiplayer makes turn-based pick up the pace

TGS 10:
TGS: The new Edgeworth trailer makes me hard
TGS: EA announces My Garden for Nintendo 3DS
TGS: Alice has a rough trip back to Wonderland
TGS: New Devil May Cry starring a younger Dante revealed
TGS: Capcom announces Asura’s Wrath (Update)
Valkyria Chronicles III is a PSP game, coming January 27
TGS: Dead Rising 2 epilogue starring Frank West announced
TGS: Suda51/Mikami/EA reveal Shadows of the Damned
TGS: First look at Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation
TGS: Today’s ‘rebellious youth’ inspired Devil May Cry
TGS: Asura’s Wrath gave Inafune goosebumps
TGS: Ninja Gaiden 3 announced
TGS: No worries about the west, says Inafune
DmC: Devil May Cry trailer is hot … what’s the problem?
TGS: Team Ninja working on Ni-Oh
TGS: It’s the new Catherine trailer and OH SHI- MONSTERS
TGS: New Last Guardian screens appear
TGS: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for Kinect announced
TGS: New Xbox 360 titles from Japanese devs revealed


Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Meta Knight is made of string!
Next Yakuza is a zombie game?
4GB Xbox 360 slim owners can’t play Halo: Reach co-op
Take-Two: PlayStation Move is ‘Wii HD’
ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD confirmed
Rock Band 3’s Pro Guitar for dummies
Free App of the Day: Battle Bears: Zombies
Yaaaay: Dawn of War II ditches GFWL with Retribution
Nintendo wants your S&P: Star Successor high score
NFS: Hot Pursuit is 4x larger than Burnout Paradise
Fallout: New Vegas’ companions are terrific
Rumor: HD re-releases of Odin Sphere and Muramasa coming
Atlus announces a Greatest Hits version of Demon’s Souls

Fixing Dante in DmC!

Gal Gun: Shooting girls with a pheremone shot. Seriously
The friends and foes of DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
Epic Mickey releases November 30
Kirby still cute in new Epic Yarn trailer, ALSO PATCHES
Final Fantasy live-action trailer has hot Japanese people

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