The Daily Hotness: Acid milk!

Queen’s Blade is an anime where one of the characters in the series has a acidic long-ranged nipple lactation attack. If that doesn’t make you want to watch the show, then nothing will! 

Jim reviewed a clock, Dale checked out the Final Fantasy XIII demo, EA shows us what they’re planning for E3, Bethesda picks up WET, Uncharted 2 is getting multiplayer and plenty more happened on 04/24/09.

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Community blogs of 04/24/09

Clock 24-7

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis
Final Fantasy XIII Japanese demo
Top Gun

E3 2009:
EA to offer a TON of playable games at this year’s E3

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Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu grace Madden NFL 10 cover
Japan gets Wii video service, complete with DSi connectivity
Bayonetta’s lanky legs and small head aren’t that weird
Famitsu, Amazon say Bethesda is publishing WET
Look out for Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram on XBLA next week
Week in Rock Band DLC: Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking
Plants vs Zombies: Coming to your iPhone soon?
Rumortoid: Lime Green DS Lite, LostWinds 2 coming [update]
Change4Life returns with a pro-game message
Gardening Mama DS demo comes to the Wii
Steam goes insane, offers The Orange Box for $10
Famitsu is getting all wet for WET, lets some slip out
Uncharted 2 will have multiplayer, beta invites for a price
RACE Pro gets patched
Stop to take a breath in BioShock 2’s ocean scenes
Universal Pictures puts the brakes on BioShock film

Video from Project Diva shows this is a must have import
Hot Toys announces Resident Evil 5 figures, drool now

Naked: PSP SRPG Queen’s Blade Spiral Chaos and armor cutting
The Saboteur is looking sexy in these new images


Halbrick introduces us to the rest of the Raskulls
Watch Criterion play Burnout Paradise’s Cops and Robbers DLC
Check out this Alpha Protocol walkthrough video
Gary Busey talks Saints Row 2 DLC
Make your own nemesis in Champions Online
Get a buddy: Terminator: Salvation will have split-screen
Get revenge cowboy style in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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