The Daily Hotness: 2 Human (9/2/08)

Some of you might not agree with Jim Sterling’s review scores, but you have to admit that the man is a master of the digital paint brush. For instance: the complex facial expression on Baldur exudes not only a deep sense of internal conflict and pain, but also a strong external facade of bravado that serves to hide those feelings from the world at large; clearly conveying a strong warning about the ideology of individualism taken too far to its extreme, which can result in the alienation of the people we need the most when our lives grow turbulent. I, for one, was moved.

Nyko makes another weird looking peripheral, Disaster: Day of Crisis may finally be coming out next month, StarCraft II better be coming out by next year, and plenty more happened on Destructoid today.

Tuesday Regulars:
Games time forgot: The Punisher (3rd person shooter)
Game Debate to the Death! Bubble Bobble VS Punch-Out!!

PAX 2008:
PAX 08: Hands on with Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ

Destructoid review: Castle Crashers
Destructoid review: Too Human

Ninja Blade producer talks about Ninja. Also, blades
Sony officially reveals PS3 wireless Bluetooth headset
Life with PlayStation is delayed, in case you didn’t notice
Disaster: Day of Crisis release date confirmed
Capcom denies El Fuerte’s infinite combo
Resident Evil 5 getting ‘Gears-like’ control system
StarCraft II ‘should’ be released in 2009
Smashing Pumpkins to debut new single as Guitar Hero World Tour DLC
Microsoft: Exclusives are ‘a little less important’
Resistance 2 release date, collector’s edition, and beta programs announced
Dissidia and Patapon 2 release dates get spilled
Exclusive Mirror’s Edge downloadable jumps to PS3, min PC specs revealed
Viva Pinata 2 treasure hunt shenanigans and Web site launch
PSP’s networking capabilities getting a major upgrade
Bethesda frustrated by differing censorship laws
G4’s X-Play expanding to one hour this holiday
The Week in Rock Band DLC: PAX nerd pack for charity FTW!
Music to break faces to: Facebreaker soundtrack revealed
Shred Nebula, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, and Gin Rummy on XBLA this Wednesday
Pure demo to hit XBLA and PSN this Thursday
Gears 2 has more than two colors in it, also nearly completed
Nyko introduces wild looking Wing Classic Wireless controller for Wii
Nintendo DS goes silver in September, now you can play games on a silver DS
Captain Obvious: Left 4 Dead kills cutscenes, resurrects gameplay
Mythic VP talks MMO failure, still plans on releasing Warhammer Online
Left 4 Dead: A rude awakening for armchair zombie hunters everywhere
Prince of Persia gets special edition and Penny Arcade comic

Rumortoid: Squeenix charging for FF XIII demo?
Rumortoid: Killer Instinct 3 sheet music surfaces, KI 3 confirmed?

New screens: Wii version of Rygar is so totally not the PS2 version, we swear

Trailers & Videos:
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 online versus mode confirmed?

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