The Daily Hotness 07/10/08

RetroforceGO! is back! I’m so happy that I just drank a slurpee made out of pizza rolls and puppies! I think I’m going to throw up. YAY! 

Podcastle is taking a break, Etch A Sketch is the iPhone’s killer app, Samit reviews Top Spin 3, a new Mega Man 9 trailer is released and much more happened on Thursday. 

E3 2008:
Midway announces official E3 2008 lineup
SouthPeak Games announce full E3 lineup

Thursday Regulars:
Podtoid 61: Sponsored by Sprite(TM)
RetroforceGO! records episode 52 tonight: We missed you
Scraps: 7/10/08

New Call of Duty: World at War screens highlight sniper and boat plane gameplay

Win a copy of Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3!

Destructoid Reviews:
Top Spin 3

Oh yeah, no Podcastle for a bit n’ that, sorry!

Rare: No motion control for BK, stop taking rumors so cereal
Get your PSP out of my Wii
Jade Raymond is not dead, working on first person survival game
ELSPA considers tackling the R4 scourge
How Chrono Trigger made composer Yasunori Mitsuda cry
Good Old Games: Bringing classic PC games to an Internet near you
Sega and The Creative Assembly announce Stormrise
2k Games signs on to publish Champions Online
Videogame art floods Washington D.C. firms
Scandal: Gamecock’s Harry Miller announces support for ESA incumbent
Pioneer makes a huge Blu-Ray
Konami sues Harmonix because Rock Band is fun
Etch A Sketch: The iPhone’s killer new app

Introducing the Wiibrator, or, how to diddle yourself with a Wiimote
Happy birthday to Goozex, they turn two today!
Playgirl model gyrates his way through Wii Fit

New Mirror’s Edge screens and writer unveiled
Natsume announces Princess Debut for Nintendo DS
New details, screens for Hell’s Kitchen: The Video Game YOU F*CKING DONKEYS!

Mirror’s Edge ‘2D’ trailer talks backstory
Max Payne movie trailer: Bask in the Hollywood glow
New Mega Man 9 trailer is RETROMAZING!

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