The Daily Hotness 07/01/08

Reverend Anthony and Ashley plays some Super Smash Bros. Brawl where the worlds first three on one in a two on two match takes place.

Guitar Hero III is getting a free track this Thursday, X-Play reveals some Rock Band 2 songs, PS3 firmware 2.40 is live, Chrono Trigger is coming to the DS and much more happened today on Destructoid.

Tuesday Regulars:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing: Episode Five
Scraps: 7/1/08
Game Debate to the Death! Ninja Gaiden VS Devil May Cry

Original Features:
What Rock Band 2 could provide
Monthly Musings: A cast of thousands…of polygons
A recap of June’s Monthly Musings

The winners of the Battlefield: Bad Company ‘doing something bad’ contest

Shock: Smash Bros. dominates UK sales charts
Spacecat was wrong? Mega Man 9 is WiiWare only?
Concerto Gate closed public beta kicks off later today
More deaths in Halo 3 than people on Earth
Who knows if Diablo III will hit a console?
These are the 12 songs by The Who coming to Rock Band in July
Konami officially tells us about Wii exclusive Castlevania Judgment
Diablo becomes an Amazon top seller
More Resident Evil movies in the future?
Burnout Paradise to support trophies, also details on DLC
Free Top Gun theme coming to Guitar Hero III
GTA IV ‘great, but no miracle’ says Wall Street Journal
Board games better than videogames, says some woman
Bitchy Diablo ‘fans’ whine about Diablo III’s art direction
Thieves steal a Make-A-Wish recipient’s PS3
Cryptic mystery countdown for Star Trek MMO?
Gamecock gets Steamy, announces distribution agreement with Valve
X-Play airs screencap of Rock Band 2 song selection screen [Update]
Xbox 360 FPS controller mod helps you suck less
August issue of GamePro offers Resistance 2 beta signups at
Blizzard confirms an unannounced game in the works
Long-awaited PS3 firmware v2.40 is live

Infinite Undiscovery box art reveal?
Chrono Trigger coming to Nintendo DS this winter?

Dragon Quest V Japanese trailer is Japanese … and a trailer
New Ninja Town trailer, burn Wee Devils with the sun!
These Pure videos are full of pure off-road racing sexiness

FIFA Soccer 09 to bring ‘platform specific experiences’

NES business card holders might be cool, if we could see them clearly

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