The Daily Hotness 06/26/08

Hey, you should go to PAX. Why? Well, 2K, Activision, The Behemoth, Blizzard, Gamecock, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft and a bunch of other companies will be there. Oh, and a ton of Dtoiders will be going to including most of the staff. That’s a good reason to go, right?

Jim talks about the Pokemons he hates, the Hot Coffee class-action lawsuit is a bust, the new Prince of Persia DS game looks weird and much more happened on Dtoid, Thursday Juned 23.

Thursday Regualrs:
YTMND Thursday: Denis Dyack draws the line!
Podtoid 60: Jim reads a poem
Scraps: 6/26/08

Original Features:
Thirty rubbish Pokemon: Red/Blue edition
Pew Pew Preview!: Pro Bull Riding: Out of the Chute

OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND contest deadline extension

Kaz Hirai confirms movie download service coming to PSN this summer
Over 1 million Spore creatures and counting
Sega announces Summer of Sonic: Teams up with fans for Sonic convention
Crystal Dynamics is not all about huge breasts
A new Breath of Fire title a ‘possibility’
Lionhead records 370,000 words of dialog for Fable 2
MS: Xbox 360 still ahead of PS3 in Europe
New Life With PlayStation app gives you weather and more things you don’t need
Wii-a-boo: Manga is coming to the Japanese Wii
Thirteen-year-old kills himself after being told he could not play Wii
Blizzard charging WoW players six euros for peace of mind
Call of Duty: World at War going mobile, sounds very exciting
“Hot Coffee” class-action suit an utter failure
PAX 2008 will be packed with exhibitors, makes other events look bad
Would you play the portable Xbox 360?
Cops say kids robbing supermarket were imitating Grand Theft Auto
A motion controller for every console
Mega Man 9 coming to WiiWare, Spacecat yawns and goes back to sleep
McFarlane Toys announces a line of Guitar Hero figures…wait, what?
White Knight Story will launch during fiscal 2008
N+ fans, ready your jump skills: 750 new levels on the way
Japanese Dementium: The Ward release gets best launch event ever
DRM Tool available for Xbox 360: Elite owners rejoice
Play Valve games with a robot

PS3 firmware 2.40 to be announced next week
Duke Nukem Forever not showing at E3 2008
Castlevania for the Wii image reveal
Kmart circular confirms 360 price drop

Dissidia: Final Fantasy gameplay hints, trailer and official site updates

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel landing on PlayStation 3
EA announces Boogie for broads, Boogie SuperStar for Wii
Ubisoft reveals Prince of Persia DS exclusive, The Fallen King

WHAT 9000?! DBZ: Burst Limit butchers the greatest meme in history 

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