The Daily Hotness 06/23/08

The only way I can ever accept a Metal Gear Solid movie is if David Hayter has some major involvement with the project. Sure, the movie will still turn out to be crap, but it won’t be as crappy.

Podcastle is getting ready to record a Controversially episode, we have yet another contest go up today, BioShock should have failed, Left 4 Dead has a release date, and plenty more happened at Dtoid on Monday.

Monday Regulars:
The Podcastle 15 records tomorrow: Controversy comes as standard
Virtual releases for the week of June 23rd: kick a guy in the face edition
New releases for the week of 06/23/08
Monday Mind Teasers 06/23/08
Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/23/08

Original Features:
The start of the affair: Final Fantasy Tactics

Destructoid Review: Blast Works

Go Alone in the Dark to win an Xbox 360, AitD and plenty o’ swag

Full 41-song Guitar Hero: Aerosmith tracklist revealed
Big Boss will be the star of future Metal Gear games
Retailers: StarCraft II releasing December 3
Spore Creature Creator Vs Square-Enix: Chocobo, Cait Sith and more
A Quarter Draws Near! The RPG piggy bank
2K’s Chris Kline: ‘Why BioShock should have failed’
Ghostbusters game will have 100% less Rick Moranis
David Hayter wants to write MGS movie, tells us how to help make it so
Limbo of the Lost devs try and wriggle out of trouble
‘Beatles-themed’ music videogame in the works, I prepare to go into debt
Left 4 Dead gets a release date: Zombie murder scheduled for November 4

Threadless shows you the results of your careless ghost munching

Call of Duty: World at War screens and details

Left 4 Dead video blowout

The start of the affair: Harvest Moon
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