The Daily Hotness 06/17/08

Valve does it again with their awesome Meet the series. This time, we see what it takes to be a Sniper. Stay tuned tomorrow morning, when I’ll be revealing all of the new Pyro details.

Jim tries to figure out some new jobs for Jack Thompson, Microsoft denies all of yesterday’s rumors, BioShock details for the PS3 version may have been revealed, and much more happened today at Destructoid.

Tuesday Regulars:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing: Unfunny Father’s Day Digression
Games Time Forgot: Earth Defense Force 2017
Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/17/08
Game Debate to the Death! Best Racing Game?

Original Features:
Employing Jack Thompson

Hands-on with Brave: Shaman’s Challenge

Microsoft claims yesterday’s leaks were mere concepts
Jack Thompson gets a visit from the feds
Gamers don’t care about in-game advertising
GameStop offering exclusive Pokemon character
Nintendo does it hardcore at E3
Call of Duty 5 to debut on Xbox Live
This does not bode well: Tecmo employees sue Tecmo
Nintendo is ‘working on a solution’ to the Wii storage limit
Sega: Leaked Crucible video isn’t ours
Are you going to E for All this year? Microsoft is!
Gears of War movie to be directed by Len Wiseman
Sierra Online announces Interpol for XBLA
Best Buy Canada gets into the used games market
Square debuts Lord of Vermillion in Shinjuku Taito Station
Sony FINALLY confirms in-game XMB, trophies in upcoming system software update
Check out Hail to the Chimp’s Achievement list

BioShock PS3 exclusive content and also, zoo

New Velvet Assassin screens plus details on the game’s weapons

Boom, headshot: Meet the Sniper

The start of the affair: Final Fantasy VI
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