The Daily Hotness 06/16/08

I am a gigantic fan when it comes to the Marvel Zombie universe. I know it’s just Rumortoid for now, but I really hope a game based on this series is true. Could you just imagine all the gore and carnage the game will have? Can’t wait to pick up the sequel next week! 

Lots of stuff happened today! Nick debuts Scraps, we review Metal Gear Solid 4, tons of Xbox 360 news were leaked, and much more happened today in the world of gaming. 

Monday Regulars:
Virtual releases for the week of June 16th: Samurai puzzle fishing edition
Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari on XBLA this Wednesday
New releases for the week of 06/16/08
Monday Mind Teasers 06/16/08
Scraps: All the crap we missed on 6/16/08

Original Features:
An Adventure Draws Near! Maniac Mansion

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Hands-on with Rock Band drums for the Wii
Hands-on with X-Blades, starring a G-String wearing vixen

Destructoid interview: Buku Sudoku lead designer Ben Moy

Ride a horse with your balance board: G1 Jockey makes it so
Fire Emblem DS takes your battles online
PS2 version of Rock Band bundle only $99.99 for a limited time only (Update)
Sam’s Club Solid Snake statue to be auctioned
Wii Fit and women leave wake of destruction
GTA IV turns you into a pedophile
Koji Igarashi speaks on Castlevania; comments ‘2D is still alive’
The Conduit devs hope to include voice chat in Wii game, also want a pony
PSP firmware 4.0 adding Google Search to XMB
Microsoft wants to release first in the next console generation, too
Paradox Interactive announces release date for Penumbra expansion
EA brings fantasy football to a videogame console near you

Forza 3 to span two discs, over 400 cars and 100 tracks
Spider-Man vs. Marvel Zombies
Xbox 360 to have its own Miis
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 details leaked
Lips details revealed, Microsoft’s version of SingStar?
First footage of Silicon Knights’ The Crucible: The Evil Within
Xbox Live Arcade getting Guilty Gear?
Crytek to develop PSP games?
Mega Man 9 details

Women and volleyball come to life in Women’s Volleyball Championship for the PS2
Freaky new SIREN: Blood Curse screenshots
PixelJunk Eden demo coming next month so you can figure out WTF is going on

Do not resist these Resistance 2 gameplay videos

This Spore XXX character video is NSFW, maybe … we’re not sure, actually

The start of the affair: The Atari 2600 Jr.
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