The Daily Hotness 06/15/08

It was a, um, very slow weekend. To make up for that, here’s Weekend Disappoint from Disappointed People. The original was tragically lost but they reuploaded the video onto YouTube not too long ago. Enjoy! 

Original Features:
The ten best videogame dads EVER!
The path of no divergence: Why linear games have their place

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: Overly sexual edition
Best of the Network this week
Games of the week for 15/06/08: The Consultant’s Flower Garden edition
Highlights from the Destructoid Community 06/15/08

Destructoid review: The Incredible Hulk: The Official Videogame

Nintendo: Sorry we called you all geeks and otaku
Denis Dyack: Too Human will be ready soon, for real this time
Study shows that gamers are not shy nerds

The start of the affair: Mega Man 2
C Blogs of 6/13-6/14 

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