The Daily Hotness 06/13/08

Wow, where does Niero find these random pictures? I guess those people are racking their brains for a way to get the horse out, or maybe they’re just trying to figure out how he got down there in the first place.

Today we found out that there might be a way to get Mr. Destructoid into Street Fighter IV, the RetroforceGO! crew gave us an update from their vacation, David Jaffe got pissed off…again, and plenty more was covered on Destructoid throughout Friday.

Friday Regulars:
Friday Night Fights: Friday the 13th edition
Indie Nation #22: Gun Mute
Art Attack Friday: Junkandres

Original Features:
RetroforceFAUX! Summer Slurpee edition

This is not a joke, sir: Get your face in Street Fighter IV

Microsoft hurts the PSP’s feelings, gives format a kick in the crotch
eBay as a marketing tool? Capcom explains how
50 Cent will be the Burnout of shooters: So, a car wreck then?
May NPD: PS3 outsells Xbox 360, GTA IV sells like crazy
Jaffe responds to NoE’s ‘geeks and otaku’ claim
EVE Online: Empyrean Age launches
Nintendo sues Nyko over Kama nunchuk controller
Future Age of Conan updates detailed
GH III Coldplay DLC details: Activision’s getting my money for the first time
The Pixies’ ‘Doolittle’ comes to Rock Band this June
Top Spin 3 has gone gold, so prepare for tennis elbow
Alone in the Dark screenshot time: Inventory
CoD5 wants to ‘redefine’ WWII shooters
GTA IV inspired by al-Qaeda? Nutter seems to think so
Robbie Bach: Customers forgave us for the RROD, still love their Xbox 360s

Newest LEGO Batman trailer reminds us that Nightwing looks cooler than Robin

Nintendo offers official retro wall decor, will also officially make you poor
Vote on the custom bonus soundtrack for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

The most adorable thing of all time: Portal‘s ‘Still Alive’ sung by Hatsune Miku

The start of the affair: Sunset Riders

Justin Villasenor