The Daily Hotness 06/12/08

Any excuse to use a picture of Chad is a good excuse.

Samit checks out Deadly Creatures, Limbo of the Lost rips off a bunch of games, Nintendo pulls a facepalm by stating that no one wants a harddrive and plenty more was covered on Destructoid throughout Thursday. 

Original Features:
Designing a game – Which viewpoint is best?
Podtoid 57: Web 3.0
The Memory Card .39: Del Lago!

Contest reminder: Win super hot Etrian Odyssey swag

THQ Holiday Junket: Deadly Creatures impressions

Metal Gear Solid 4 launches Hollywood-style

Limbo of the Lost pulled for epic Oblivion theft
GRiD patch is ready to download for PC-DVD
Wesker in Resident Evil 5, former voice actor explains his Bowie replacement
Nintendo helps you kick your dad’s ass
Nintendo: only ‘geeks and otaku’ want additional wii storage
Surprise! Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle officially announced
The Conduit releasing early 2009
Capcom announces dates for Clock Tower and Onimusha on the silver screen
MGS Europe gets it, decides that canceling games isn’t a good thing
Peter Moore reiterates successes of 2007, promises 2008 will be even better
Jecht confirmed for Dissidia, Jecht still kicks Tidus’ sorry butt
NHL 2K9 to be first hockey sim on Wii
Wartech: Senko no Ronde figure now available from Max Factory

Overlord: Raising Hell sizzles and squeals for PS3 arrival
Limbo of the Lost day: Epic trailers of winsome glory
Square Enix’s Concerto Gate MMO debut trailer
American McGee’s Grimm has a delightful intro song
Limbo of the Lost Day: Behind the scenes teaser promises LIP SYNCING!
New Force Unleashed video spoils us silly. Can you resist the urge to peek?

Can’t decide on which Presidential candidate to support?
Space Invaders, now in wearable hat form

The Start of the Affair: Load”*”, 8, 1
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