The Daily Hotness 06/02/08

The start of June brings us the next Monthly Musings. The theme this month is called “The start of the affair” and we want you to tell us what game got you into videogaming. Colette replied to the theme with Phantasy Star II and a bunch of you have already turned out some great stuff on the C Blogs. Expect some promotions tomorrow.

In the mean time, check out what we brought to you today. Highlights include Husky Hog and Dyson checking out GRID, Rev talks about GTA IV’s ending, and Dale brought us a giant gallery of videogame cosplay. 

Monday Regulars:
Virtual releases for the week of June 2nd: Joe the ninja edition
Aces of the Galaxy and Roogoo on XBLA this Wednesday
New releases for the week of 06/02/08
Monday Mind Teasers 06/02/08

Original Features:
Destructoid Event: Drift Day edition
Monthly Musings: the start of the affair
RetroforceGO! Episode 51: Neo-retro and you
Deconstructing GTA IV’s ending
The start of the affair: Phantasy Star II

A-Kon ’08: Guinness videogame cosplay record demolished… probably

Hands-on impressions: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

EGM refuses to review Metal Gear Solid 4
Big in Japan: Rock Band heads to the land of the rising sun
Marvel at Microsoft’s diverse workforce: It has a woman in it!
Partial setlist, new images from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will rock your socks
100 WiiWare titles in development, no plans to offer any space to store them

Confusion alert! New Prince of Persia game to be based on movie based on game
More of Interplay’s greatest coming to GameTap

Final Fantasy IV DS English trailer: Hear Cecil speak for the first time

A handful of sexy Fallout 3 screenshots for you

Final Fantasy: The Bar

C Blogs of 06/02/08

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