The Daily Hotness 05/29/08

So after yesterday’s overload of front page stories, the boys and girls that run this little site realized that we needed an end-of-day recap feature. Sometimes, we have so much stuff going up that posts will fly right off the homepage. Plus, I know it’s a pain to go through everything when you’ve been away for a day or two. 

So here’s our first entry to The Daily Hotness, where I’ll be recapping all of the day’s stories. Typically, the lead-in to this feature will be whatever was the biggest story of the day. In this case, it’s our exclusive developer diary video for Dead Space. I can’t wait for this game to scare the crap out of me.

Original features:
Podtoid 55: Aggressively sexist
The Memory Card .37: Thinking outside the DS
Destructoid Exclusive: The sounds of Dead Space
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing: Episode One

Win the chance to play the Battlefield: Bad Company demo early!

Grand Theft Auto IV

Dirty PSP upskirt action: PSP used as indecent panty snap grabber
Game PR: If you need to sh*t on a game, do it after we’ve sold some copies
Wii platformer Wario Land Shake details unveiled
Howard Stringer admits to what we knew all along: The PS3 was in trouble
Don’t you wanna know why Alone in the Dark keeps starting fires? Also, pictures
Mysterious new Galaga game headed for Xbox Live Arcade
Teen threatens teacher with knife to buy GTA: San AndreasSan Andreas!?
Saints Row 2 pushed back to October, Uncle Gary is not amused

PSP library pulled from stores for not selling?

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