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The D-Team is hungry, and only a boat can get them to their dinner party

2017-07-30 15:30:00·  2 minute read   ·  Ray Porreca@rayporreca

Landlubbers beware, the D-Team takes to the seas

Fun fact: I haven't stood on a boat in a few years. My friends and I used to rent out a medium-sized, beat-up vessel once every summer and host a three-hour tour around some of New Jersey's finest beaches. Our trips weren't for sightseeing, whale watching, or anything all that family friendly. We were there to get hammered, sloshed, and rip-roaring drunk. Puking overboard was acceptable -- encouraged, even! -- on our annual booze cruise, as was dancing, chain-smoking, and general buffoonery. As far as we were concerned, our boat was in international waters. Anything goes under pirate law, baby!

Those days are mostly behind me, though. My most recent boating excursing was a digital trip with my fellow D-Team squad mates. Murdering enemy teams in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds might not be as fun as crushing kegs on board a rickety vessel, but it's probably just as wholesome in the grand scheme of things. Jordan, Steven, Brett, and I are Boat People now. 

In our latest D-Team video, the gang decides to push PUBG's boats to their absolute limit. We're relentless in our trip upriver. We smell something in the air -- something roasted, maybe even poultry-like -- and pursue it at all costs. Due to a recording snafu, we're missing the start of the run and Jordan's audio is forever lost to the ether, but trust me: you're going to want to see how this one ends.

As always, you can check out the other D-Team videos (as well as Brett and Steven's competitive Rocket League series) on the brand new Dtoid Fight YouTube channel. Check it out, won't you? And follow us on Twitter, too! 

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