The Conduit to support MotionPlus, less waggle, more twist ahead [Update]

Yesterday at Nintendo’s media summit, High Voltage COO Eric Nofsinger told MTV Multiplayer that The Conduit would utilize the Wii MotionPlus and WiiSpeak accessories. A few months ago when we spoke to designer Micah Skaritka, the decision to use the peripherals had yet to be made.

From the interview:

We’re hooking it [MotionPlus] up. We want to support it. Probably for this version of the game there’s not going to be a whole ton of really extensive use of the Wii MotionPlus. For the sequel to the game, we definitely do want to incorporate more melee and things like that. We want to support it.

When asked about how MotionPlus would affect the game, Nofsinger acknowledged that it might give a competitive advantage to players in multiplayer. He said, “We want to make sure anything we do incorporate doesn’t just break the whole experience…” At least High Voltage is willing to think about how these funny gadgets can have an impact.

What do you guys think? Are you excited that an FPS will be utilizing the MotionPlus, or would you rather have “normal” controls?

[UPDATE: Nick, who is on the ground at Nintendo’s media summit, is reporting that while The Conduit will support the MotionPlus accessory, it will not add any advanced functionality. Basically, the game will remain in the same condition as it was before the MotionPlus was announced.]

Brad BradNicholson