The Complete Podcastle: Ultimate Bias Edition

If you are one of the three Podcastle fans reading this, then rejoice! Podcastle listener and king of our official forum Shakey1245 has compiled the ultimate collection of Destructoid’s Britpop podcast. Episodes 1 – 33, complete with extra content, show notes and more, is available for torrent, and can be obtained right here.

As well as containing every episode of The Podcastle, including those impossible-to-find early shows, Shakey has thrown in an image file of every single frontpage post concerning the show and the three Podcastle games developed by Dead Movie Star. Bonus listening includes Atheistium’s appearance on Podtoid-San (for God’s sake), and my guest spot on an episode of the NGCast. Yes, this is the most comprehensive compendium of Podcastle related material on the planet, and more content than you will ever need or want. 

The Complete Podcastle: Ultimate Bias Edition is not available in shops, because no shop on its right mind would ever stock such rancid filth. Don’t delay, get your copy today!

Jim Sterling