The classic Konami code rocks, this one needs some work [Update]

As many of you know, the beta for Metal Gear Online is nearly upon us, and unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly been as smooth as a baby’s bottom — even in the preliminary stages. If you’re like me, you had the unfortunate experience of getting one of those 9-digit codes that seem to work well in the land of the rising sun, but mean little in the land of the free.

Of course, you may have found yourself in the other group of outsiders. These folks are reporting that they have a valid code, but are unable to sign up for a Konami/Game ID. The good news is that Konami and Sony are well aware of these issue, and are doing their best to make things right before the festivities begin on April 21st. The bad news is that I emailed Konami’s customer support line early Thursday morning, and I’m still without a working code myself, and it’s Saturday.

Not sure if the mix-up is a result of crossed wires on Konami’s end, GameStop’s end, or both — but this is anything but cool. Being the trusting fellow that I am, I’m going to rest easy knowing that both companies are doing their best to make sure that the perks of pre-ordering the game are not negated by not being able to use them in fhe first place, come April 21st. Anyone out there share my sentiments?

[Update: Thanks to member Tuggie for pointing out a contact number for getting a replacement code. Worked like a charm.] 

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