The circle is now complete: the Star Wars lightsaber stylus collection

Officially licensed by Lucasarts and Nintendo, the Star Wars lightsaber stylus is an excellent way to represent your love of all things from that galaxy far far away. They come in two sizes and color sets, one small three pack with a red, green and blue sabers which retail for $8 and a larger two pack of green and red which retail for $17. The latter set actually lights up, which ought to amp up your nerd factor big time.

The sets will be released at the end of July, but if you want to preorder some you can head over to Amazon to do so. However, be aware that like most alternative styluses, they will not fit into the slot in the side of your DS. Seems obvious, I know, but oven cleaner says “do not put your head in the oven” on the can for a reason, so never assume that anything is self-explanatory.

[Via Register Hardware — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett