The big story DLC for Fire Emblem Engage is out in April

It was dated today

So we’ve already gotten three waves of DLC for Fire Emblem Engage, all of which take place in the Paralogue Islands. Think of these like a “DLC paradise” of sorts, where you’ll meet with more all-star members of the Fire Emblem cast and acquire more spirits to play with. Well, Wave 4 is a little bit meatier.

Instead of character DLC, this time Nintendo is billing it as a “new story scenario.” Titled “Fell Xenologue,” you’ll acquire new party members, and will adventure through new locations and maps (plural), as you attempt to potentially wrap up this game’s universal storyline. Thanks to a new trailer from Nintendo, we do have a date for all this: April 5.

This is a pretty quick turnaround, when everything is said and done! Note that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 came out in mid 2022, and still hasn’t hosted its big story DLC release yet. That’s still coming in late 2023. Granted, story DLC for a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is going to be even meatier than a Fire Emblem game: but it’s nice that Engage fans don’t have to wait that long.

Provided the DLC is worth it, at least. Hopefully it delivers!

All the details you need for Wave 4 of Fire Emblem Engage‘s DLC:

  • It’s a new story scenario called Fell Xenologue
  • It includes new characters, locations, and maps, as well as more class types
  • It’s out on April 5

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