Thanks, Xbox splash page: Wolfenstein 3D Arcade is coming

Consider Wolfenstein 3D confirmed for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Microsoft recently tossed up a splash page for the game, which leaves little doubt that the oft-speculated-upon (thanks, ESRB!) property is Arcade-bound.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about Wolfenstein 3D despite the cute little splash page (it’s a bit on the blank side). However, there is a little fact nugget to be found: Nerve Software is handling the port. Nerve’s previous Arcade work was with the re-release of DOOM. Color us excited.

Our guess is that we won’t hear much more about Wolfenstein 3D until the marketing push for Raven’s Wolfenstein ramps up. Either way, we’re in for a lot of Nazi crushing action in the near future. (Color me excited.)

[Via GamerBytes]


Brad BradNicholson