TGS 2008: Sony to show Demon’s Souls

Fresh from the latest Weekly Famitsu is Sony’s announcement of Demon’s Souls. This title comes from From Software, who you might know from the Armored Core, Echo Night, or King’s Field series of games. The “dark fantasy” action RPG will be playable next week at the Tokyo Game Show.

Speaking of King’s Field, SCE Japan producer Takeshi Kajii tells Famitsu that this is sort of a spiritual successor to the series. 

“I am a fan of From Software, but naturally that also means there are parts of their games I’m not satisfied with, too,” he said. “If this was a new King’s Field game, there would be areas we wouldn’t be able to touch since they’re part of the series; working together like this, we can try to make something really new.” 

According to 1UP, this is an open-ended RPG with Elder Scrolls-style customizable characters. That’s about all we know so far.

“We gave a lot of thought to how to make the fun and charms of a classic RPG interesting all over again with the latest technology at hand,” From’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki noted. “We figured that doing the things that previous hardware ignored — having long weapons bump into walls, lighting the area in realtime with the torch in your hand — would make the game that much more fun. We’re taking the things you did through menus in Wizardry and letting you carry them out in real life.”

We’ll give it a spin next week and let you know what we think. 

Dale North