TGS 2008: Marvelous promising sexy new title from mystery creator

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Muramasa publisher Marvelous is promising a hot new reveal at the Tokyo Game Show, and teases that a renowned game creator, described only as Japanese and “charismatic” will be involved!

Here is the official word from Marvelous, straight from its own blog:

Since we got into the next-gen console era, everyone is saying that Japanese games are lagging behind Western games and don’t fit the Western taste anymore. However, despite all these gloomy predictions, everyone (including me) is waiting for TGS and is expecting Japanese publishers to be announcing some pearls that only them can make.

To all the Japanese game lovers who will make the trip to Japan for TGS, Marvelous has prepared a really nice line-up for you. Besides, we will have big announcement (something that hasn’t even been announced in the Japan press yet) that will involve a charismatic Japanese creator on the first day of TGS!!! So, stay tuned.

Marvelous already has my attention with the gorgeous looking Wii title Muramasa, and this titillating bit of news has made the company an even bigger “must watch” at Tokyo. The question is — what kind of charismatic Japanese creators do we know that are currently on the market?

Hmm … could it be a certain long-haired, shades-wearing, Ninja Gaiden-making kind of creator?

Who knows? Not even the Japanese press know yet so we’ll have to wait and see when the cover is blown at TGS. I could be wrong, but if I were a betting man, I’d at least put a few bucks down for Itagaki. What about you guys?

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