TGS 2007: The game of Life has a terrible secret


In Japan, the game of Life on the Wii has a terrible secret.  A dark secret, mostly brown, and probably only amusing or offensive to a Western audience.  I'm not sure any local will flinch at the sight of a mini-game where helicopter-propelled asses parade around the screen to be impaled by a deluge of machine-gun fecal fire, but this is exactly what you get!  Check out the video and wait for it to pop up near the end for a second. If you blink you'll miss it.  I confronted a booth prosti* nearby for more information.

Niero: Look at this clip on my camera. Is that a mini game of shit missiles and flying asses?
Niero: No, I'm serious. My ancesors are really offended. What is this?
Booth babe: DIARREAH-GET!  Oh, so sorry, did you want to shit on my chest?

I did get a chance to play the game of Life, which features a Wiimote-enabled control schema that allows you spin for turns and then engages you in mini-games when you land on certain spots but I unfortunately didn't get a chance to get my hands dirty (hyuk hyuk) with this mode.

Whatever, at least it was experienced and shared. The clip probably missed by everyone passing by the Tamara Tomy booth unless except for the few people that sat through the entire presentation eighteen times after collapsing in front of their kiosk from the fatigue of trudging around in a robot helmet. If and when the game is localized for Americans I'm sure this event will be sadly left out, however important the inclusion of the circle of poo is in Life.  As result I have a burning desire to go play Toilet Kids.

* Prosti (pross-tee) A noun coined by Kuri:  (1) A woman dressed like a total slut.  (2) A Miami chonga (3) A girl a few drinks away from acting like a complimentary prostitute.  Example: I went to the mall and it was full of prostis.

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