TGS 2007: Konami booth tour

Konami’s booth at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was one of the largest. I wouldn’t even call it a booth; it was more like a fortress of Konamism. It takes quite a while to walk around the four sides, and each face had something different to promote.

Metal Gear recieved the most fanfare and promotion from Konami. Two large screens on opposite corners of the booth promoted MGS4 and Metal Gear Online continiously, and one featured a full stage, where Hideo Kojima would often appear to talk about his game.

Konami definitely wanted attendees to know about Metal Gear Solid 4 and their other wares, but they were not digging the photography. I was run down by Konami staff about half the time I attempeted to snap photographs of the booth, especially when Japanese celebs or Kojima-san were making appearances. That being said, I managed to snap several shots just for you.

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The front face of the booth featured a sitting area where attendees could compete head-to-head in Metal Gear Online.

Circling the booth clockwise from here, Konami’s Winning Eleven drew big crowds.

Off to the right was a section promoting Konami’s health line, including the “facening” title that Brad recently reviewed. Attractive Japanese television personalities and posing girls in yoga garb kept attendeees coming around.

Continuing around, the main Metal Gear Solid 4 stage is where several presentations were made. Kojima was there to show off various aspects of the game.

Konami’s Time Hollow drew crowds and lines that rivaled even Metal Gear Solid 4‘s.

Finally, here’s the entrance to the MGS 4 demo stations. The wait was like one you’d find mid-summer at a theme park ride. Demos took place in a mock war zone behind a fence.

Check out the gallery, which includes booth babes, Rumble Roses, silly balloons and more

Dale North