TGS 09: Next year’s show gets a tentative date

With Tokyo Game Show 2009 in the bag, organizer CESA is already looking at dates for next year’s show. 

It looks like they’re eying a mid-September show, either from September 16 through September 19, or the shorter September 17 through September 19. CES had considered a three day show for 2009, but ultimately decided to stretch it out for four days. This year’s attendance was said to be down by nearly 10,000 heads this year, so a three day show — one open for industry/press, two for the public) doesn’t seem like an unlikely move. 

While TGS 2009 is over, with most of the team wrapping things up in Japan, that doesn’t mean our coverage stops. We still have a few stories in our queue, so keep your eyes peeled for content throughout the week. 

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