TGS 09: Getting to TGS is so energetic!

Game: It’s so energetic.

That’s the theme of the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. Terrible, isn’t it. It sounds fake, much like the fake energy you have to muster up when finally getting to the show from the long commute from Tokyo. Of course, enthusiasm comes flooding back once you actually get there, but you have to get there first, and that’s the bitch. 

We thought we’d give you a look at what it looks like to make your way up to Makuhari Messe for TGS early in the morning, before sh*t gets crazy. In the gallery below, you’ll see the signage and promotional junk that helps build that energy for attendees as they approach the convention center. You’ll also see a robot on display. Any ideas on what that is? Past that, you’ll see the lines we had to wait in, first for our press badges, and then to finally get in. 

Here’s to hoping that I can stay energetic after all of that.

Dale North