TGS 08: The obligatory ‘we’re here’ post

Ok, so we’ve been here for a bit. But we’re running around like crazy, trying to make sense of this strange land and bring you coverage.

I just scarfed down a heaping plate of curry with croquettes and elbowed my way through a bustling press room to find my to my assigned spot… on the floor. That’s right: Destructoid’s TGS 2008 coverage comes to you from the filthy floors of the Makuhari Messe convention center. We don’t have the manpower of those other outlets with their megabucks and their fancy hair and hipster clothing. It seems they have assigned campers to sit and hold a place in this crowded room, hogging all of the network and power connections for themselves. As*holes!

For us here at Destructoid, it’s just the combined power of the TGS Triforce: Nick Chester, Jim Sterling, and myself.  We’ve been in meetings all morning, and we’re just catching up, but the coverage is coming.

Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • hands-on previews
  • behind-the-scenes first looks
  • videos of the show floor
  • booth babe round-ups

As we speak, I’m putting together footage of the floor and compliling the best booth babe shots. Hang in there, and be on the lookout for our coverage, live from the Tokyo Game Show floor — literally!

Dale North