TGS 08: No More Heroes 2 teaser trailer

Okay, if you say you saw this coming, you are a liar. The first No More Heroes was a bizarre, post-modern, blood-bath of a GTA parody. It sold pretty poorly in Japan, and adequately in the United States and Europe, but far below the sales of original IPs on the 360 like Assassin’s Creed and Dead Rising. Few expected the game to get a sequel; even less thought it would be on the Wii — but here it is, the teaser trailer for No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, thus far a Wii exclusive. 

From the looks of it, this follow-up will at least have one amazing boss. That crazy, flying electric woman looks completely awesome. As a huge fan of the first game, I have high hopes that this sequel will both fix the issues of the original (boring over-world, Dreamcast-quality graphics) while retaining all the things that still made it worth playing (bosses even weirder than those in the Metal Gear Solid games, well-implemented motion controls, lightsaber decapitations).

Even if this game turns out to be crap, my mind is still blown. All I need now is the announcement of Zack & Wiki 2: Kill You with my Monkey Bell, and I’m going to have to see a shrink just to make sure I’m not hallucinating.

Jonathan Holmes
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